Sunday, 13 June 2010

A polemic on name change

Bande-son: Animal Collective - "My Girls"

For some reason I seem to be reading lots about how women should not change their last name when they get married. Apparently if you do you can't call yourself a feminist. But... What I just feel like it? I;m definitely a feminist, and so is he, but as a personal choice I think I would enjoy taking his last name. So maybe that's a flimsy argument, but I'm getting married in the first place for seemingly equally flimsy reasons. I don't have to get married, I don't feel obliged or pressured, and neither do I have any real profound meaningful reason behind it. It just seems nice, and a good excuse to have a big party, surrounded by the people I love.

Changing your name, or not, should be a personal choice, and I think either option is fine as long as you make it informed, and your own.

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