Friday, 2 January 2009


Bande-son: Watery Graves of Portland et Geneviève - s/t

I've had the vague idea that I should be writing more on this page for months, especially after the bout of nostalgia that made me re-read the entire contents of my now pretty much extinct old blog. It's been so weird to watch its slow decaying process, but somehow I really liked the experience and it made me sad that I don't do it here at all ; I just wish I hadn't forgotten how to do it. French is, in a way, harder for me than English these days because that's the langage I now speak everyday, and something about the flowing quality of it just seems more natural, but what I write in English seems less personal, and, I don't know, just less "like me". Also, to be honest, my life was never very exciting and at the moment it's even worse - just plain boring. Looking for a decent job in a country that's going through a massive economical crisis is incredibly hard and tedious, and it also means being poor and not doing much with my days (except playing Tomb Raider and Zelda in my pyjamas).

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Naughty kitten said...

CAUSE DE. Pffou, c'est vraiment enervant! Quand tu ecris des choses, les gens ont la flemme de lire et du coup, ils ne lachent jamais aucun com's. C'est idiot. Je ne comprends pas cette logique de "ca m'interesse quand y a rien a lire."
Enfin, moi je suis avide, ma boite de thon perimee!